What We Do

Stream Restoration

By helping facilitate collaboration with our many partners, we are working to carry out a systematic, coordinated river ecosystem approach to watershed management and to maximize collaborative, administrative, technical and financial resources in the watershed. We engage in watershed restoration planning, and work to implement effective restoration through our watershed. Much of our work is focused on implementing stream restoration in priority drainages throughout the lower Clark Fork such as the Bull River, Prospect Creek, Vermilion River (shown above) and the Thompson River, which are important tributaries for native fish.

Maintenance and monitoring

Ecological restoration is an ongoing process.  Since its formation, the Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group has helped implement many watershed restoration projects on both private and public lands.  We recognize the importance of continued monitoring and maintenance of past projects, which allows us to utilize an adaptive management approach to restoration, learn what works – and what doesn’t, and to ensure better stewardship of our water resources into the future. In 2016, we began partnering with the Montana Conservation Corps to accomplish needed work on ongoing and past projects, especially in the Bull River drainage.

Outreach and engagement

Watersheds incorporate both public and private land. Therefore, individual landowners as well as large public land managers like the United States Forest Service have a role to play in conserving watershed health. In addition to implementing on-the-ground projects, we also work to educate landowners on responsible stream management practices on their own properties. Contact us for more information or if you’re interested in what you can do on your property to promote watershed health.

The Latest

  • Pulse: A Story of River Restoration April 30, 2018 - A film documenting the recently completed Miners Gulch project on the Vermilion River was just completed! Thanks to Josh Boyd for producing this film and to all of the partners who were interviewed and appear within it. Many other people and and organizations were essential to making this  collaborative project happen. It premiered at the ... Read More
  • Fly Fishing Film Tour coming to the Rex April 19, 2018 - Photo credit: Cory Luoma By Susan Drumheller Explore the world of fly fishing, from Honduras to Alaska, Dubai to Africa, without leaving Sanders County, during the 12th annual Fly Fishing Film Tour, coming to the Rex Theatre in Thompson Falls on April 28. This is the first year the international film festival has landed in ... Read More
  • Thompson River Watershed Restoration Plan – March 2018 Update March 14, 2018 - The Thompson River Watershed Restoration Plan has been finalized and accepted! The final draft of the Thompson River Watershed Restoration Plan was sent to all contributing stakeholders as well as Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for review on January 31. We received minor comments from DEQ in February along with their letter of acceptance. ... Read More