What We Do

Stream Restoration

By helping facilitate collaboration with our many partners, we are working to carry out a systematic, coordinated river ecosystem approach to watershed management and to maximize collaborative, administrative, technical and financial resources in the watershed. We engage in watershed restoration planning, and work to implement effective restoration through our watershed. Much of our work is focused on implementing stream restoration in priority drainages throughout the lower Clark Fork such as the Bull River, Prospect Creek, Vermilion River (shown above) and the Thompson River, which are important tributaries for native fish.

Maintenance and monitoring

Ecological restoration is an ongoing process.  For over 10 years, the Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group has helped implement many watershed restoration projects on both private and public lands.  We recognize the importance of continued monitoring and maintenance of past projects, which allows us to utilize an adaptive management approach to restoration, learn what works – and what doesn’t, and to ensure better stewardship of our water resources into the future. In 2016, we began partnering with the Montana Conservation Corps to accomplish needed work on ongoing and past projects, especially in the Bull River drainage.

Outreach and engagement

Watersheds incorporate both public and private land. Therefore, individual landowners in addition to large public land holders like the Forest Service have a role to play in conserving watershed health. In addition to implementing on-the-ground projects, we also work to educate landowners on responsible stream management practices on their own properties. Contact us for more information or if you’re interested in what you can do on your property to promote watershed health.

What’s happening

  • Your Best Waters – United States Forest Service January 11, 2018 - National Forest service lands make up a huge portion of the Lower Clark Fork Watershed. Both the Kootenai and Lolo National Forests are key partners in protecting, enhancing, and restoring our water resources - and the species that depend them. In fact, the forest service stewards approximately 1/10 of the total land and watershed area ... Read More
  • 2017 in review: Miners Gulch Project December 28, 2017 - After reconstructing the Miners Gulch reach of the Vermilion River in 2016 (shown below), the Kootenai National Forest completed an extensive re-vegetation effort along the newly constructed channel and surrounding 11 acre floodplain in 2017.  All materials were flown into the project site via helicopter. This include all plants (400 cottonwoods), 1600 t-posts and about ... Read More
  • 2017 in review: Activities in the Bull River valley December 28, 2017 - Over the past year, Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group (LCFWG) members working to establish increased vegetation along the Bull River have both continued maintaining/enhancing past re-vegetation efforts as well as completed implementation of a multi-year project funded through the Green Mountain Conservation District. Continued implementation Over the last few years, 89 re-vegetation exclosures have been ... Read More