ACM: Anaconda Copper Mining Company

AIS: Aquatic Invasive Species

BEHI: Bank Erosion Hazard Index

BMP: Best Management Practice

BO: Biological Opinion

CD: Conservation District

CF: Clark Fork

CFSA: Clark Fork Settlement Agreement

CR: County Route

CWA: Clean Water Act

DEQ: [Montana] Department of Environmental Quality

DNRC: [Montana] Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

EA: Environmantal Assessment

EIS: Environmental Impact Statement

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

ESA: Endangered Species Act

ESCCD: Eastern Sanders County Conservation District

FCD: Flathead Conservation District

FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FR: Forest Route

FWP: [Montana] Fish, Wildlife & Parks

FWS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

GIS: Geographic Information System

GMCD: Green Mountain Conservation District

HCP: Habitat Conservation Plan

KLT: Kaniksu Land Trust

KNF: Kootenai National Forest

LCD: Lincoln Conservation District

LCF: Lower Clark Fork

LCFWG: Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group

LNF: Lolo National Forest

LWD: Large Woody Debris

MCA: Montana Climate Assessment

MDT: Montana Department of Transportation

MFISH: Montana Fish Information System

MFWP: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

MWCC: Montana Watershed Coordination Council

MTNHP: Montana Natural Heritage Program

NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act

NFS: National Forest System

NFSL: National Forest System Land

NFSR: National Forest System Road

NGO: Non-Governmental Organization

NPS: Nonpoint Source [Pollution]

NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service

RCG: Reed Canarygrass

RFP: Request for Proposals

RFQ: Request for Qualifications / Request for Quotation

RKM: River Kilometer

RM: River Mile

SMZ: Streamside Management Zone

SWCDM: Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana

TAC: Technical Advisory Committee

TMDL: Total Maximum Daily Load

TN: Total Nitrogen

TP: Total Phosphorus

TR: Thompson River

USFS: United States Forest Service

USFWS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

WRP: Watershed Restoration Plan

WY: Weyerhaeuser Company