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Exclosures are built to protect young plants as they first establish.

Bull River shorelines getting a makeover

Our re-vegetation efforts in the Bull River were described in the Sanders County Ledger.

“A multi-year grant from Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will allow the Green Mountain Conservation District to work with local landowners to plant native trees and shrubs in riparian (riverfront) areas along the river. This effort will strengthen the river’s banks and restore healthy stream conditions for fish and wildlife.”

Read the whole article here in the Sanders County Ledger: Bull River shorelines getting new look

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  1. Mona Leeson Vanek

    I’ve enjoyed articles in the Sanders County Ledger that tell me what’s taking place in the Bull River Valley, where I lived from 1945-1949. We lived off the land on the Bull River Ranch, much as the original homesteaders did. Sans electricity, running water, and a paved highway. Those four years were a wonderful part of my life in a beautiful, healthful region of Montana. Mona Leeson Vanek,

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