Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed Restoration Plan – April 2019 Update

Since the completion of the first full draft of the Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed Restoration Plan (WRP) in February, it has been under review by local stakeholders. To allow more time for thoughtful input, the original deadline of March 31 has been extended to April 30, 2019. Input from all Lower Clark Fork Tributary stakeholders is welcome and you can access the document at https://lowerclarkforkwatershedgroup.org/draft-lcfwrp/ or at the link below.

Download all files – DRAFT Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed Restoration Plan

If you wish to provide feedback on the Watershed Restoration Plan, please do so by April 30, 2019. Email either Sarah Bowman (sarah@lcfwg.org) or Brita Olson (brita@lcfwg.org) with edits or to arrange an alternative method of file transfer. After April 30, we will be prepping the final document to submit to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for acceptance.

LCFWG staff originally had plans to meet with Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed stakeholders to create ranking criteria and prioritize projects into a 10-year restoration schedule on February 26. Due to inclement weather, this meeting was pushed back until March 26th. At this meeting, stakeholders primarily discussed the merits of various project ranking criteria, and narrowed down what the approach will be in prioritizing projects for the Lower Clark Fork Tributary WRP. An additional meeting will be held on May 8, 2019 to go through each project list for each drainage and prioritize all proposed projects. The information from this meeting will inform the creation of a 5-10 year restoration project schedule that the Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group and local stakeholders will use as a guide for restoration.