You are currently viewing Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed Restoration Plan – September 2018 Update

Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed Restoration Plan – September 2018 Update

Development of the Lower Clark Fork Tributary Watershed Restoration Plan has continued steadily throughout this year since the initial stakeholder meeting was held on February 15th. This plan is being modeled off of the recently completed Thompson River Watershed Restoration Plan, so much of the introductory language could be transferred into this updated plan, while making sure to include information relevant to the Lower Clark Fork River tributaries that are the focus of this specific plan.

Much of the work that has occurred over the summer, and is currently on-going, has been focused on  researching and synthesizing many reports available into succinct characterizations of tributary watersheds and current stream conditions. Multiple decades of research, watershed assessments, and restoration efforts have been completed in the Lower Clark Fork Watershed. One of the goals of this plan is to create a document that can efficiently summarize information about each tributary watershed, and aid stakeholders in identifying and prioritizing restoration efforts into the future. Draft sections about the following tributaries have been completed: Blue Creek, Bull River, Vermilion River, and Graves Creek. Additional draft sections about Marten Creek, Swamp Creek, and Prospect Creek will be completed soon and sent to stakeholders for input. Moving forward, LCFWG staff will continue drafting remaining parts of the watershed restoration plan. After all tributary-specific sections are complete, we will focus on soliciting input and identifying potential restoration projects. Ultimately, we plan to work with stakeholders to develop and prioritize projects into a 10-year plan. If you would like to participate in the review process for any or all of the watershed restoration plan, please contact us!

In a parallel effort, this fall LCFWG staff will also be working with partners on an update to the Lower Clark Fork Stream Restoration Summary originally drafted by Chris Horn, a Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Biologist, in 2010. This project will update information about past restoration projects already included in the original document, and add information about projects that have been completed since its completion.