Partners move road away from Fishtrap Creek

In July, Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group worked with Elk Creek Contracting and partners to realign stream adjacent road away from Fishtrap Creek on the Lolo National Forest. By moving the junction of the West Fork Fishtrap Creek Road (7609) and Fishtrap Creek Road  (516), approximately 600 feet of road was transformed into stream and wetland habitat. This timelapse video shows the removal of the old road prism (using the salvaged materials in the background to construct the new road alignment) and creation of floodplain. Willow cuttings and transplants from an adjacent willow stand were embedded throughout the floodplain to initiate revegetation. 

This project was made possible through the contributions of many partners: Lolo National Forest, Trout Unlimited, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, NorthWestern Energy, National Forest Foundation, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and volunteers who helped collect willow cuttings. 

Before: West Fork Fishtrap Creek Road ran immediately adjacent to Fishtrap Creek.
A floodplain was constructed along Fishtrap Creek following the removal of the old road prism.
In addition to retaining vegetation along the stream’s edge, hundreds of willow cuttings were buired in the floodplain.