RFP for Sims Meander Stream and Floodplain Project – REVISED May 11, 2021

The Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group (LCFWG), on behalf of Green Mountain Conservation District, is seeking a qualified contractor to provide equipment, materials and labor for a stream and floodplain enhancement project on the Vermilion River, tributary to the lower Clark Fork River outside of Trout Creek, MT.

Floodplain bordering the Vermilion River that will be restored as a part of this project.

Due to its importance to native fish species, the Vermilion River has been the focus of concerted efforts to implement watershed scale restoration. The Sims Meander Stream and Floodplain Restoration project is the 3rd major restoration project completed on the Vermilion River, following the Chapel Slide Project in 2012 and the Miners Gulch Project in 2016. The overall goal of the Sims Meander Project is to reconnect the river with its floodplain, which has been disconnected due to past anthropogenic and natural disturbances. This project will: (1) Reconnect and recontour the floodplain along 1,500-2,000 feet of stream channel, (2) Install floodplain structures to stabilize the stream channel, trap fine sediments and support revegetation efforts, (3) Install in-stream structures for bank protection, grade control, and fish habitat, and, ultimately, (4) Reestablish native trees and shrubs in the floodplain along the stream channel.

The Sims Meander Stream and Floodplain Restoration project is expected to be completed June – August 2021. RFP Responses are due May 21, 2021 with an expected contract award date of May 26, 2021.

RFP and associated Project Designs can both be downloaded via the links below. An edittable .docx version of the RFP (attached below as a .pdf) is available upon request.

Contact Brita Olson, LCFWG Coordinator with any questions regarding this Request for Proposals at 406.203.4725 or brita@lcfwg.org.