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Beartrap road storage benefits fish and wildlife

Another project completed in 2020 with partners on the Lolo National Forest was the Beartrap Road Storage Project. Multiple culverts were removed and over 7 miles of road prism were stored (ripped, covered with debris, seeded; left in a hydrologically neutral condition) in the Beartrap Creek drainage, a tributary to Fishtrap Creek outside of Thompson Falls, Montana. This work improves grizzly bear habitat by reducing road densities, while culvert removals and recontouring roads along stream crossings benefits coldwater trout species, including Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Bull Trout.

Beartrap Creek stream crossing is now recontoured, and includes transplants of native vegetation.

This collaborative work was completed in partnership with the Lolo National Forest, Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative, Trout Unlimited, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, local contractors and volunteers. Funding for the project was provide by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, National Forest Foundation, and the Sanders County Resource Advisory Committee.